...YOU can write a WILL which allows you to:
1. LEAVE your asset to whoever (legally) you wish
2. SPECIFY your instruction for any beneficiary.
3. CHOOSE who will be the Executor / Administrator of your wealth
4. SHORTEN the probate process of your wealth

Who should avail
Individuals of legal age
People with reasonable assets (Real and Personal)
Foreigners with local properties

“Wealth management is needed for the estate and succession planning for the benefit and financial freedom of the next generation financial need.”
The most economical Wealth Management tool you can use is a WILL - a wealth management service intended for succession and estate planning to protect the Testator’s assets and beneficiaries’ interest.

WILL as a Wealth Management tool provides
• Peace of mind
• Proper distribution of wealth
• Property is left to intended people
• Minimize taxes
• Protection of beneficiaries’ interests
• Protection of assets

WHO should avail?
Individuals of legal age
People with reasonable assets (real and personal)
Foreigners with properties situated in the Philippines

Paradigm Global Investment Management, Inc. (PGIMI) is
• A wholly-owned subsidiary of Paradigm Group Limited in Hong Kong.
• An industry player specializing in asset management, investment advisory, business solution advisory and wealth management services.
• Supported by Executive and Investment Teams with global experience track record in financial services in the areas of banking, finance, insurance, and investment, wealth and asset management.

Protect your wealth while you still can.

Paradigm Wealth Managers will visit you at your most convenient time.

Paradigm makes it easy and affordable for you.


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