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Paradigm Global Investment Management, Inc. (PGIMI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Paradigm Group Limited, provides asset management, investment advisory and wealth management services. Read More

Who we are
Paradigm Global Investment Management, Inc (PGIMI) is a premier asset manager that offers a range of world-class investment and managed funds.

What we do
We at PGIMI strive to manage your money to bring you the best investments possible within our strict risk management mandates. Read More
How we do it
Our team of experienced analysts and investment management experts scour the globe constantly looking for investment opportunities that suit your needs. Read More

We follow a proven and reliable research system:
Analyze the global macro trends;
Analyze the local or micro impact of these trends;
Decide after thorough fundamental or “bottom up” review of the investment candidate;
Review our decisions regularly and systematically.

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Each client is important to us. We provide a high level client service from asset. Read More

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